Divorce & Property Division

Child Support Law touches many parts of parents’ lives. The big three areas being parents’ kids, money, and sex lives (*see list below of other issues that frequently connect to child support law). Pierre-Louis & Associates, PLLC protects individual parent’s rights (custodial or non-custodial) when litigating child support cases in court or negotiating child support matters outside of court such as through the Office of Attorney General of Texas CSRP process or other third-party mediation services.


Common Issues arising in child support law:

DNA paternity tests; paternity exclusions; terminations of parental rights; support in divorce decrees; decree or order modifications; medical insurance; retroactive support; arrearages; judgments; high income earners and caps; minimum wage income; deemed income; intentional underemployment or unemployment; unemployment benefits; Attorney General or Department of Revenue administrative orders; administrative hearings; appeals; wage garnishments; contempt; jail; warrants; property liens; tax refunds; lottery (windfall) intercepts; passport renewals; license denials; credit reporting; incarcerated CPs or NCPs; incarcerated juveniles; minor parents; cohabitation of parents; terminating child support; pausing (abating) child support; visitation orders; military parents; VA benefits garnishments; Social Security garnishments; public assistance, including CHIPS, medicaid, daycare grants, TANF, food stamps; bankruptcy and domestic support obligations; CPS intervention; grandparents receiving child support; other relative and non-relatives receiving child support; support past child’s 18th birthday; support for disabled child; voluntary change in custody between CP and NCP; support through probate; QDRO; FIDM; differing state laws (interstate) impacting child support; UIFSA Law; UCCJEA Law; foreign nation support orders; National Medical Support Notices; and the list goes on…

Texas Attorney General CSRP Meetings

A Child Support Review Process negotiation conference, commonly known as a CSRP, is a type of meeting typically held at a child support field office where parents privately (out of court) try to resolve child support issues. Many of these negotiations are resolved amicably. Some are not. Some cases end up going to administrative or family district court.

Whatever the outcome of the CSRP negotiation conference, parents should know Texas law allows individual parents to bring an attorney with them to the CSRP to help protect their interests. This is important because Attorney General staff or attorneys do not represent the interests of any parent or child, but only the interests of the State of Texas. There are many reasons a parent may want their own private attorney present at a CSRP. For example the parent may want legal help to guide them in:

  • Showing a non-custodial parent did provide support for a child;
  • Understanding rights regarding back-child support judgments;
  • Setting child and medical support amounts;
  • Protecting their visitation and access rights.

As a former Assistant Attorney General with the Child Support Division of the Texas Attorney General’s Office, Mac Pierre-Louis is available to assist parents who want legal representation at any child support CSRP negotiation conference, as well as court proceedings involving child support matters.

This firm charges reasonable flat fees for attending CSRP negotiation conferences. Attorney presence is available to individual parents at any CSRP negotiation conferences statewide but special focus is placed around conferences held in Harris and surrounding counties-principal office location is in Houston, Texas.

Divorce Litigation

We at Pierre-Louis & Associates, PLLC still believe in the importance of marriage. Consequently we firmly believe that if a couple can “make it work,” they should jointly seek marital counseling and attempt reconciliation. However, when such attempts fail and the divorce process is entered into, we believe that all parties are entitled to representation to protect their rights and interests. Some interests involve: custody, visitation, and support of children; division of property; and maintenance for ex-spouses. Our attorneys work to provide zealous representation for their individual clients in litigation. We present the best arguments in court and creative solutions out of court to help our clients reach their goals and put behind them a process that can be both emotionally draining and filled with uncertainty.

In the divorce process, we are counselors at law first and therefore both counsel you on the stages of the lawsuit and comfort you on what to expect. We’ll suggest non-litigation low-cost routes such as mediation or collaborative law to resolve your divorce case when we believe there is a good chance for out-of-court settlement.

Regarding your children, we will protect your rights and give you the best footing in any kind of custody disputes or child support calculations.

Regarding your properties (physical, real estate, retirement, etc), we will guard your interests and pursue thorough valuations and fair divisions of assets. We’ll hold your hand through the entire process and help place you in a strong legal position once the process is over. We hope to be your family law firm for life and attempt always to conclude each action to your satisfaction.